Water and Sanitation Sectoral Committee

The second AFUR AGA that was held on 18 March 2005 in Kampala, Uganda approved the establishment of Sectoral Committees towards broadening and catalysing the participation of members in the programmes as well as other activities of the organisation.
The primary role of the Sectoral Committees are to serve as the work engines of AFUR in promoting and facilitating wider participation as well as co-operation in the development and implementation of the organisation’s work programme across the utility sectors.

The responsibilities of the Sectoral Committees shall be to:

  • Influence and facilitate the harmonisation of consistent sectoral regulatory policies, legislation, standards, guidelines and regulatory practices, where appropriate;
  • Prepare working or position papers on key sectoral aspects of regulation, including but not limited to the examination of policies, strategies and legislation in the sectors in comparison with international trends and best practices;
  • Collect, process and update information/statistical data as may be reasonably required to facilitate the creation of databases and co-ordination of regulatory practices and benchmarking;


Communications Sectoral Comittee



Energy Sectoral Committee



Transport Sectoral Committee